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S-CAN 3D Ltd (formerly DSN Classics Ltd) is a Norfolk based 3D scanning and precision manufacturing service provider. 
It manufactures and sells the well-established brands of RetroSport (classic mini performance components) and S-FIX (accessories for portable metrology equipment.) 

S-CAN 3D Ltd business unit in the snow. NR17 1QD

DSN Classics was founded in 1993 by Dave Senior & Steve Nash. It aimed to provide a specialist retail and trade parts service to the Mini & Morris Minor market. In 1997 our website was launched, making DSN Classics one of the first to provide full e-commerce in the industry. On the 1st January 2005, DSN Classics became a Limited company.

A major development took place in 2008 with the purchase of a CNC mill. This allowed DSN to design and manufacture, in house, a new range of billet alloy products for the Mini. This range was called RetroSport and has become hugely popular. So much so, it has necessitated further investment in CNC machinery. The RetroSport range continues to grow as new products are developed.

In 2012 Dave’s son James started S-CAN to provide 3D scanning, reverse engineering and inspection services all over the UK. At the same time the S-FIX range was developed to manufacture high-quality, yet affordable accessories
In November 2015 Steve stood down and was succeeded by James. In March 2016 S-CAN combined with DSN Classics Ltd and in March 2019 the joint company was renamed as S-CAN 3D Ltd.

The company has been constantly growing and added services such as CNC Milling (2008,) CNC Turning (2012,) 3D Scanning (2012,) 3D Printing (2013,) Laser Engraving (2013,) 5 Axis Milling (2017,) Metal Casting (2017,) CMM Inspection (2018,) Laser Tracker Inspection (2020) & 5 Axis Mill-Turn Machining (2022.)

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