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S-FIX is an expansive range of accessories for precision-portable CMM, 3D scanners, laser trackers and many more metrology-based products. Our online store provides great choice on Faro Arm probes, tripods and mounting equipment. We also stock high-end leapfrog and calibration items.

Providing a real breakthrough in application-specific, quality, affordable components, this range features products for leading brands including Faro, Romer, Kreon, Nikon and Leica.

Just released is our first-of-its-kind, portable CMM-specific fixturing table. This and the soon to be released fixturing sets have been in development since 2013 and are currently going through the final manufacturing stage prior to release. Please get in contact if you would like to get early information on it.

All the items available via this online store have been designed, manufactured and rigorously-tested by experienced everyday users, here in the UK. They can be purchased from anywhere in the world and we’re always happy to deal with any enquiries via phone, email or in-person.

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