Investment Casting Service

S-CAN utilises in-house vacuum assisted investment casting machines for creating high quality, low-volume, non-ferrous metal components.

Selection of thermostat housings made through the investment casing process

What is Investment Casting?

Investment casting (also known as lost-wax casting) is a process where a sacrificial pattern is replaced with metal inside a mould.
Traditionally a wax or polystyrene pattern would be used. We still work with these but can also burn-out 3D printed patterns for faster and cheaper castings in some cases.

What we can cast

We can cast most non-ferrous metals. Most of our experience is with engineering castings from aluminium and brass although we do also have experience in casting silver and bronze statues, jewellery and other hardware. 
The largest pieces we can cast must fit into a cylindrical flask of 275mm Diameter x 450mm Deep.

Why use us?

We can do the complete process from 3D scanning and reverse engineering your part to creating the patterns/moulds, casting, heat treating, machining and inspection all in-house.
We utilise some of the largest vacuum assisted casting machines available. The vacuum assistance pulls the metal through the mould meaning we can create high detailed designs and very thin sections successfully.
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