Faro Probes

Direct replacement probes for Faroarms. They offer increased strength and functionality.

The S-FIX ruby probes use industry standard Ruby Monocrystal Balls, conforming to ADBNA grade 3-5.

Ruby has superior thermal expansion and hardness properties than zirconia spheres. To ensure maximum stability we provide only peg-mounted and drilled probe balls as a standard. Conventional probes generally have the probe ball glued to the collar which can fail over time.

The stylus is mounted on a Tungsten Carbide peg which is roughly 10 times harder than Titanium, this ensures minimal deflection. The Stem is bonded into our own design of probe body which is CNC’d in house in 303 Stainless steel.

The probe bodies offer a strong but slender profile, making probing in tighter gaps an easier proposition.

For the S-FIX carbon point probes, to calibrate set the probe diameter as 0.2mm. For simplest calibration we recommend using the S-FIX 50mm calibration sphere.
Probe selection guide:

1¼” UNC Probes – All Faro USB arms except the new Quantam S/M/E. These include Faro EDGE, Prime, the original Quantum, Titanium, Platinum, Fusion, Advantage, Digital Template, Gage, Gage Plus & Power Gage – Uses a 12mm Spanner.

⅜” UNF – Faro Sterling pre February 1998, Faro Silver pre February 1998 and Faro Gold pre February 1998 – Uses a ½” Spanner.

M6 – Faro arms including: Faro Sterling, the Bronze Millennium Series, Bronze post February 1998, Silver post February 1998 and Gold arms – Uses a 12mm Spanner.

M5 – We offer adaptors to allow your Faro arm to take M5 probes. This opens up a large selection of extensions and angular adaptors. – Uses a Tommy Bar.

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