Magnetic Leapfrog Set

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Simply secure 3 or more posts to a suitable surface or object. Probe them using a portable CMM and its leapfrog function (1+ times each for the point set or 6+ times for the sphere set.)

Either then move the arm, or the object so you’re still in range of the leapfrog set and then probe again in the same order to complete the process.

They are engraved with dots from 1-4 to make remembering the order easy.

Material: 303 Stainless Steel

Height: Points 23mm, Spheres 32mm

Max Width: Points 30mm, Spheres 25.4mm

Magnet Width: 20mm

Magnet Pull: 13.2kg

Suitable for: Faro, Romer, Kreon & more, CMM arms

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Points, Spheres

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Magnetic leapfrog probing set. Used for leap-frogging Faro & Romer Hexagon arms.Magnetic Leapfrog Set
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