Small 40 Amp Alternator

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Small 40 Amp Alternator.

There are two varieties of alternator that might be supplied. One is as per our pictures in the thumbnails. The other will be supplied with a plug and flyleads. If you receive this type the wires are as follows:
Plain red – Dashboard ignition lamp.
Red with white tracer – Ignition switched positive feed.

Neither alternator will accept the standard Mini wiring loom plug. You will need to cut the plug off the loom and fit appropriate terminals. Here are some instructions for guidance if you have a standard loom.

Brown/yellow is the charge light.

Large brown is battery positive.

Brown/blue can either be insulated or also connected to the battery positive.

You will then need an additional wire as a switched live. You can take this from the fuse box where the white wires are connected. All white wires are switched by the ignition.

Weight: 2535g

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Small 40 Amp Alternator
£125.00 (excl. VAT)
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